Proofreading & Editing

Your text or document seems to be finished, but you’re not quite sure whether the writing is truly flawless? Whether every punctuation mark is in the right place? Whether the spelling is correct? And what about writing style? Does the text truly live up to your project?

It is not always easy to answer those questions. Let me help you! You can choose between two options:

Option 1: Proofreading

Examination and revision of grammar and spelling

Option 2: Editing

Additional revision of writing style, wording, uniformity etc.

Proofreading focuses on:

  • Orthography: spelling, lower and upper case, words borrowed from other languages, …

  • Grammar: punctuation, word order, case, tense, …

Editing focuses on:

  • Layout: title, paragraphs, uniformity of text style

  • Writing style: uniform, appropriate