Langue - your path to success!

Are you looking for a professional translation, a text that hits the spot or editing you can bank on? Then you've come to the right place!


My name is Heidemarie Heiss and I'm the founder of Calingua - language services. I want to help you achieve your goals by taking advantage of all the possibilities that language has to offer!



Do you need important texts written in more than one language? In the fields of marketing, social media, tourism, lifestyle or culture? Calingua offers professional and high-quality translations from German to English and Spanish!

Do you want your website to be convincing? Are you writing a blog or setting up a newsletter and need eye-catching context that will hook your readers? Whatever your project is missing, Calingua’s first-class German copy will do the trick!

Have you finished writing your text but you're still not sure whether it's really as good as it could be or, above all, whether the writing is indeed flawless? With Calingua, you can rest assured, that grammar, spelling and writing style will be checked thoroughly and professionally for your German texts.

The perks of Calingua:

  • Calingua is a one-person business: This means, that you get individualized and personalized assistance at any time!

  • Calingua is trilingual: Have your texts translated into different languages. You can rest assured that all translations come from the same source and display the same writing style.

  • Calingua is cross-cultural: Every text is embedded in a cultural context, and I always keep that in mind when I translate. Because of my expertise, I always know what can be said in which culture and when. You can place your trust in an expert in interculturality!

  • Calingua is a young start-up and always up-to-date: As a modern one-person business, I am full of energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas. To me, language means creativity, inventiveness and, above all, passion and joy.

  • Calingua is reliable and trustworthy: Thanks to my excellent training and my precise way of working, you can always expect perfect results. I work on every text until the very last comma is in place.